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Jens Kull
born in Basel,
Switzerland in 1975.
After studies of ethnology and philosophy he left his hometown at the age of 22 to live in Mexico City where he studied photography and developed a particular way of observing urban space and people.

With sequenced photography, video compositing and video installation, Jens Kull plays with new and well-established technologies aiming at disclosing different angles of realities and possibilities, shifted in time and space.  

Gabriel Santamarinas words: "The spark of man’s fleeting existence, sleeping on his electric bed, is displayed in Jens Kull’s objects for cosmic self exploration."

Private and public contemporary art collections such as Colección FEMSA, Colección Jumex and Colección José Pinto have purchased his works.

In 2004 he received the INTERNATIONALER/MEDIEN /KUNST/PREIS in Karlsruhe and his work was purchased by the Monterrey Biennale FEMSA in 2007.

His works have been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Russia, Chile, Brazil, U.S.A. and Mexico.

Currently he collaborates with Mexico's oldest gallery, the "Galeria de Arte Mexicano - GAM", founded by Ines Amor and Diego Rivera in 1936, opening its paths to contemporary art.
Please feel free to download the latest Biography (PDFs) and other texts under Texts & Press.  
Solo Exhibitions:
2012 The little big picture -
(preliminary title)  
2010 Latest works. Shift Space Gallery,
WSU Wichita, Kansas  
2008 LEFT OVERS. Video and Video-Installation.
Galeria de Arte Mexicano (GAM), Mexico City.  
2006 TUBED. Video and Sculpture.
“Traeger & Pinto Arte Contemporaneo”, Mexico City.  

Some Group Exhibitions :  
"Feos, Sucios y Malos"
Colective show, Mexico City  

Collective Show @ FILIJ31, curated by Marcela Quiroz  

Colective show by White Spider, curated by Karen Huber  

FEMSA Collection, Xalapa, Veracruz  

sublime, TERRIBLE, terrible, SUBLIME ECOH Gallery,
Mexico City  

piel/skin Collective show,
Mexico City  

Contemporary Art of the FEMSA COLLECTION, Villahermosa, Tabasco.  

"ALTERNA 2010" Group intervention,
Mexico City  

"HABITAR: NO AUTORIZADO" Group intervention,
Mexico City.  

"Tanto Para Nada"
Colective show, Mexico City.  

FEMSA Collection, Museum of Oaxacan Painters,
Oaxaca, Mexico.
Curated by Miriam Kaiser  

“Objeto y Narración”
FEMSA Collection, Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico.  
Colective P.I.B.

“La Central” Gallery,
Centro Nacional de las Artes, CNA,
Mexico City  
Colective P.I.B.

“La Esmeralda”
Gallery, Centro Nacional de las Artes, CNA Mexico City   No place to hide, Kunsmuseum Skive, Denmark, curated by Kassandra Wellendorf.  
Works of art with a minimum of steel, Gallery of Mexican Art (GAM), Mexico City. Curated by Edgar Orlaineta.  

Salón de otoño,
Collective show byTraeger & Pinto Arte Contemporáneo,
Mexico City  

Phenoma. Live Group intervention P.I.B, Mexico City  

Tiempo presente.
La Estación Contemporary Art, Chihuahua, Mexico.  

Game Over. Emilia Cohen Arte Contemporáneo. Mexico City.  

Tiempo recuperado. Emilia Cohen Arte Contemporáneo. Mexico City.  

VIII Bienale FEMSA, Monterrey, Jesús Gallardo Gallery, León Guanajuato  

Elefante Negro. Schwarzer Elefant. Museum Diego Rivera Anahuacalli, Mexico City.  

Renacer. Presente imperfecto. Emilia Cohen Arte Contemporáneo. México D.F  

MUNAL Nacional Museum of Art, Diego Rivera
“Grafico Hipergrafico”, Interactive video installation, Mexico City

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