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Alejandro Pintado, Carlos Agustín, David Troice, Fabian Ugalde, Francisco Valverde, Javier Ampudia, Javier Peláez, Jorge Yázpik, José Lazcarro, Ricardo Pinto and Rodrigo Ramírez
From April 3, 2018 to April 27, 2018
Live Aqua Urban Resort · Paseo de los Tamarindos 98, Bosques de las Lomas

My interest as a gallery has always been to bring art to the public and make them participants of what happens in the field of art in Mexico and the world.

It is also very satisfying to interact and interact with artists, attend their workshops and reach the depth of their work or transmit their language to the public through their expressions in both painting and sculpture.

Speaking about abstraction in geometry comes from different sources and is based on different ideas. The works arise with a new non-figurative reality, a different, harmonious reality.

At the same time, going from the line to abstraction and at the same time from abstraction to the line from which one reaches the purity of it.

Art nowadays reaches much more people, it is also given by the media and social networks, therefore art has changed and expanded its public.

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