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Arte Vivo 2018

We have the joy and the honor of receiving in this edition Israel, as guest country and Mérida, as a guest city.

We thank its artists and its diplomatic representation for building bridges from the cultural wealth adding to the cause that we share for the welfare of our populations.

With works donated by national and international artists from countries such as Israel, Chile, Japan and Argentina, to the 2018 edition artists like Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ivan Krassoievitch, Floria Gonzalez, Didier Fiúza Faustino and Amit Shimoni, among others, join the auction.

The auction also works as a platform that promotes the work of representatives of new trends and artistic proposals supported by the Arte Vivo Council (made up of galleries, museums and professional curators), which guarantees the quality of the participating pieces.

In response to the need to avoid thousands of deaths, the work was expanded with the synergy of art for life, which is why the auction has been held since 2005 -12 times in Mexico City and 23 nationally-, which seeks bring a message of sexual health to the new generations to offer the possibility of living sexuality in well-being, while building a fuller and healthier citizenship.


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