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Open: April 27 - May 25, 2019

Art, by its form and content, constitutes a medium ideal for the reflection of cultural elements with which the masses can identify.

In an era where the real and the practical become necessary, this exhibition shows us different artistic creations taking us into the daily life of the creator, externalizing the conscience and awakening the individual feelings of each person.

Including both emerging and recognised artists working in diverse media, the varied and nuanced concept of the exhibition's title "Art behind the wall" is reflected in the many concepts and techniques used by artists in the show.

Participating artists:
Juan Alcazár, Javier Ampudia, Javier Arévalo, Jorge Barrios, Manuel Benítez, Pedro Coronel, Jorge Moedano, Luz Nieto, José Luis Ramírez, Rodrigo Ramírez, Elisa Salas, Max Sanz, Gustavo Villegas y Arturo Zapata.